Dream Weaverzz was found by Abhinesh & Shalika Nangla on 23 jan 2015. They thought to enhance & promote their services via Dream Weaverzz. Dream Weaverzz is a private business firm having only two hard working & solution seeking emloyee. We basically deal with website work, to help the customers display their services or sale their products via e-commerce webpages. Our main goal is to understand the clients specifications & provide them the best of what they are seeking of, and also in a friendly interface manner so that content management is easy for them.




Shalika Nangla Sr. Web Designer
The most notorious person i have ever met, full of laziness & always crying. But knows how to do her work. She is true by heart & clear with thoughts. Although she is strange but best at her work, deadlines & work requirements.




Abhinesh Nangla Web Developer
Abhinesh is kind of confused person always in a quest to improve things. He have faced a lot failures in life but “Never Give up” is his best quote. He has been in this field for more than 3 years.